Develop a Clear Sales & Marketing Action Plan

Eight Modules to help you
Remove the Doubt, Overwhelm, Confusion and Fear of Missing Out
Whether you’re a business professional with no previous sales background, a seasoned sales professional looking to improve your business practices, or an entrepreneur with a unique offer that has yet to be fully realized, the Rethink Marketing Course will teach you the steps to grow your client base so you can focus on the right things and not worry that you are wasting time and money.

Does this sound true for you?

  • You know you need more of the right types of clients and fewer of the wrong types
  • Selling feels frustrating, demoralizing, and sometimes cheesy
  • Because it’s uncomfortable and you’re not sure what to do or how to do it, it stays on the bottom of your to-do list.

Here are some marketing tips that are not common knowledge:


  1. Most professionals focus on the wrong things - they spend too much time talking about the product or service they’re selling and not enough time focusing/talking about the solution their business provides.
  2. To get laser-point effectiveness in sales it’s all about focusing on target markets. Too wide a net, you don’t catch anyone. Too small a net, you also come up empty. Having the right focus will ensure your net is full.
  3. You have 10 seconds to get your ideal market’s attention - 95% of the time a qualified opportunity is lost simply because of poor messaging.
  4. Doing too many of the wrong things is slightly better than not doing anything at all. However, business owners who strategically choose the right vehicles (and messages) get a supermajority of the opportunities compared to their competitors.
  5. There is a delicate balance a business needs to have between online (Facebook, Google Adwords, website, blogs) and offline (introductions, presentations, networking, etc.) marketing. Effectively balancing both online and offline marketing strategies gets you prospective clients from both segments. Being out of balance means you are likely leaving opportunities on the table.
The reality is you are likely making one or more of these mistakes which are having a negative impact on your bottom line.
The good news is the Rethink Marketing program will allow you to recalibrate each of these marketing activities now and in the years to follow.
Don’t let ‘not knowing’ stand in the way of you and your company’s success.
Start doing the things now that will have a measurable result in your business and avoid the pitfalls that many business professionals constantly find themselves in.

If you’re like most people, your marketing efforts look something like this:

  • You attend random networking events, feel uncomfortable when you’re there and leave feeling like it was a waste of time.
  • You periodically create a post on social media and share industry articles but besides a few ‘likes’ you feel like it’s not doing anything for your business for the amount of time you’re spending on social media creative.
  • You’ve thought about cold calling but don’t want to sound like a sleazy salesperson.
  • Overall you know you need to do something to meet the right kinds of clients, but just don’t know how to do it in a way that feels right to you.


Frustration like this happens when we attempt to build a house without the right tools. Rethink Marketing will give you the tools you need to approach your best markets in the best way so that it feels right and builds the house you want. This frustration is holding you back from realizing your true potential. All you need is the right tools and steps and you will activate your marketing potential and rise to the top of your market.


Enter Rethink Marketing - welcome to your new world of business development.

You don’t have to be cheesy or salesy to gain clients. You don’t have to cold call or sign up for complicated online campaigns with a thousand moving parts. Rethink Marketing will teach you how to connect with your target audience in a way that allows you to be your genuine self while clearly educating your markets on how you can serve them best.

"The “Rethink Marketing” course has opened my eyes on how to approach both of my businesses, target my audience and deliver the message so that the right people see it, resonate with it and hopefully allow me in return to help them in any way I can. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are looking for a business coach or you’re in need of some guidance on marketing yourself and what you have to offer this world! Plus I got to work outside on my deck. In the sun. Doesn’t get better than that!"

Carla Unger
Business Owner


Why me?


I’m Daria Malin, founder of Boost Strategic Coaching and author of the book Hands-On Marketing; The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Advertising & Branding.
I have spent the last 20 years working with small business owners and professionals, first as an advertising consultant and now as a coach and trainer.
Over my years in business I have restarted my advertising career three times and built my company brand and coaching practice. Through this I have learned and developed sales and marketing skills that have allowed me to create stronger results each and every time.
Working with business owners directly on their traditional and social media advertising gave me the unique opportunity to test see the results of advertising strategy and tactics in a variety of industries and business categories.
I developed Rethink Marketing as an accessible way for you to learn some of the core skills you need to become confident and effective in your sales and marketing efforts. I aim to make things easier for you based on years of learning and making mistakes along the way.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you enroll:


  • Eight modules that you can access at any time so you can work at your own pace - do the course in eight hours, 8 eight days, or eight weeks.
  • Tasks to complete after each module.
  • Extra resources for supplemental learning.
  • The first three chapters of my book, Hands-on Marketing.

The 8 Modules Cover the Following:

  1. What do you sell?
  2. Who are you selling to?
  3. What do you offer?
  4. What is your message?
  5. Refining your message
  6. Where to find your markets (offline)
  7. Determining your online focus
  8. Developing your online strategy





Is there a start and end date?
No, it’s a self-directed course that you do at your own pace, and is available immediately upon registration.
Is it a live group?
No, it is not a live group.
Do you have to complete all of the homework before you can move on?
Though I recommend that you complete the tasks in each module before moving on to the next, you have access to all of the course content as soon as you register, so you can navigate as you please.
Can I get help from you?
After you complete the course, you will have access to a ½ hour phone session with me to get help and ask questions on the work you have done in the course

I am excited to invite you to enrol in Rethink Marketing. I can’t wait to hear where these powerful tools will take you!


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